Novak Djokovic makes Australian Open determination before to 2023 tournament comeback

Novak Djokovic will miss the Australian Open in January. Last year, the great Serbian was unable to defend his championship in Australia due to a major immigration issue. He was thrown from the squad because he refused to take the Covid-19 shot the day before the big game.

He had been barred from entering the nation for three years until being let in last month. At Melbourne Park, Djokovic has won nine of his 21 major titles.

Novak Djokovic makes Australian Open in 2023

Despite winning Wimbledon and the French Open, the greatest tennis player of all time had a difficult start to the year. He did not qualify for the US Open because he did not receive a jab.

The 35-year-old ends a losing drought by winning the ATP Finals in Turin. The Australian event he wishes to compete in 2023 appears to have been made public.

Australia will lift its three-year ban on unvaccinated Serbs imposed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Australian media, Novak Djokovic will be granted a visa in time for the Australian Open in 2023.

When the COVID-19 epidemic is gone in January 2022, the Australian government will lift the three-year ban imposed on the Serbian player who was not vaccinated.

Djokovic was forced to leave Australia after all of his pleas were denied. Australia strictly adheres to the COVID-19 regulations. His ambition was to win the Australian Open for the tenth time in a row.

The government determined that his COVID diagnosis was insufficient to exclude him from the statute requiring all visitors to be vaccinated. The prohibition will be in effect until 2025.

According to ABC, Andrew Giles changed his mind and allowed Djokovic to play again.

The Australian Immigration Minister opted not to comment.

Craig Tiley, the tournament’s director, stated that Djokovic is welcome to compete in January, but that Tennis Australia cannot speak for him.

In July, Australia repealed a requirement requiring foreign visitors to declare whether or not they had been immunized against COVID-19. Djokovic stated in October that his appeal against the ban was “looking well.”

The Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s center-left administration, which took over after Djokovic’s visa was revoked, may opt to lift the three-year ban.

Karen Andrews, Minister of the Interior, stated that Djokovic should not be given preferential treatment before being ejected out.

Last month, she stated that allowing Novak Djokovic back into the nation only because he is a well-known tennis player with millions of dollars in the bank would be a “slap in the face for those Australians who did the right thing, got vaccinated, and did everything they needed to do.”

If he makes it to Australia, Djokovic aspires to equal Rafael Nadal’s record of 22 Grand Slam victories.

Djokovic may now return to Serbia after serving a three-year suspension.

The Serbian attempted to enter the nation without the requisite shots before to the World Cup in 2022. The Serbian was ultimately thrown out after a public court case.

Australia has discontinued requiring travelers to produce confirmation of COVID-19 vaccination.

As Djokovic advanced to the ATP Finals quarterfinals, he thanked the media for allowing him to compete for a record-tying 10th Australian Open title.

Novak Djokovic earned money through his salary and the Wimbledon prize money.

Djokovic was unable to tie Rafael Nadal for the most men’s Grand Slam singles titles because he did not compete in the US Open.

He has one more Grand Slam singles title than Nadal and two more than Federer, who will retire at the end of the season.

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