2023 Australian Open Tickets: Package, Cost & How to Buy

In this post, we will explain how to attain Australian Open tickets for the 2023 edition.

The Australian Open might only admit fewer people in 2021 and 2022 due to the outbreak. The event is set to return with a bang in 2023.

Because the 2020 event drew a record 810,000 spectators, tickets for the 2023 event are expected to sell out quickly.

Australian Open Tickets

First and secondary markets

If the tickets to the Australian Open 2023 that you want are no longer available, you might look into purchasing them through a secondary market such as Viagogo.

The qualification tournament will be held in the week leading up to the Australian Open, which will be held from January 16 to January 29 in 2023. The championship match for the men’s singles event will take place on January 29.

The very first thing that each tennis fan thinks about. The use of Ticketmaster makes it possible for anybody to purchase tickets for the 2023 Australian Open.

Ticketmaster is going to upgrade its system so that it is simpler to get tickets for the 2023 Australian Open and so that they can cut down on fraud.

Ground Pass

Online sales of tickets for the 2023 Australian Open will begin on the dates that have been stated. As the day of the event draws closer, more details concerning the purchase of tickets at the door will be communicated.

A Ground Pass grants entry to the grounds of the Australian Open as well as all parts of the courts that are not reserved, with the exception of the Rod Laver and Margaret Court Arenas.

The cost of a grounds pass for the first day of the Australian Open is $49.00 Australian. During the first weekend of the year, which runs from January 16 through January 19, the prices will not change.

The cost of a grounds permit will be 69 Australian Dollars (AUD) per person, per day, from January 20 to January 22.

The price drops to AUD 19 on January 23 and stays at that level until January 29.

The price per day drops when you buy a pass for more than one day.

Tickets for the Finals Weekend cost AUD 39 for three days and AUD 99 for seven days (January 23–January 29).

There is a selection of tickets available for both the Rod Laver Arena and the Margaret Court Arena.

Day tickets at the Rod Laver Arena begin at AUD 62 and continue to increase in price over the course of the week. Tickets to events held at the Margaret Court Arena typically cost approximately 62 Australian Dollars each. The prices of the daily tickets to the Australian Open that are shown here are the ones that offer the best value.

The rates listed here are based on those that were offered at prior Australian Opens. By 2023, they may have undergone a transformation. Once we have additional information, we will return here and update this.

There are also tickets available to purchase for the finals of the Australian Open in 2023. The price of a single ticket for a woman is AUD 299, whereas a single ticket for a man is AUD 1,499.

Tickets to previous years of the Australian Open were sold at a reduced price. The beginning price for men’s final tickets was $305, which was $110 less than the price in the previous year.

The vast majority of ground passes are sold at a price of $49. The women’s final, on the other hand, cost a total of $148.


Packages for the 2023 Australian Open are now available for purchase.

You may purchase packages that include both a ticket and a meal for the 2023 Australian Open, or simply a ticket.

A Rod Laver Arena Reserved Seat + Supernormal costs AUD 464 for the first day of the day session on January 16, 2023, while an RLA Reserved Seat + Atrium by NOMAD costs AUD 364.

RLA Reserved Seat + Penfolds Restaurant, RLA Reserved Seat + Rockpool Bar & Grill, or RLA Reserved Seat + Fan Walk On are all available for purchase on the same day for AUD 564.

The costs for the night sessions that come with these packages are the same on the first and subsequent days.

Courtside tickets for the opening day of the game cost $2,875.00 AUD.

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